Query Font Family - 8 Fonts 



Query was born out of that lineage of experimentation and developing a voice within type. I wanted this typeface to have a strong personality but also give room for legibility. The typeface was inspired from people like Karl Heinz, to Hamilton’s Class L fonts, and even civil rights posters from 1968. My original intent was to make a single font that transformed the spirit of woodtype, but done in my voice today. A college compared it to a modern Trade Gothic, which I never envisioned, but feel it is an accurate observation. As I continued to refine the work, I made sure that the personality, tone and voice was still there but also refining it so that when used, it was legible but still unique to anything I have seen. I included over 400 glyphs that support many languages and also included three levels of stylistic sets for extra use and style. Query is as fun to use as it is to look at! If you would like me to add anything to the family or customize it, please let me know.


Query Font Family - 8 Fonts


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